Use DESIGN as a tool to lead innovation

The Project

Nowadays, Europe have some industrial difficulties related to the globalization. It’s necessary for European countries to stand out from the global competition behind new innovative value creations.
The approach of PRESTIGE project is to have an answer for this phenomenon in becoming a future unique EU reference of design-driven innovation for creative industries.
New generations of advanced materials and processes will be developed, upscaled and integrated into novel interactive functionalities:
innovative ideas
Haptic effect into a higher-added value steering wheel for safe assisted / future autonomous car driving.
design thinking for innovation
Decorative energy harvesting and storage embedded into a novel autonomous wristband for physical activity tracking.
industrial design innovation
E-plastics and « clean touch » appealing smart labels for luxury, better performing and more sustainable packaging of cosmetics.
design thinking
Further uses into an artistic installation and toward some more versatile design show case demonstrations.

Project Partners