M12 – Steering committee in Grenoble (Atelier Arts et Sciences) – 19/10/2018

The Prestige European project, involving sixteen partners from eight European countries and co-funded by the horizon 2020 programme is in full swing. In order to design new products in a completely novel way driven by an artistic vision, the consortium organized a bold workshop blending the realms of design, art, and technology.

The workshop took place at Atelier Arts Sciences in Grenoble hosted at Maison des OpenLabs from 15 to 19 October 2018 and facilitated by PDR (Cardiff Metropolitan University.)

The results of the workshop has been publicly presented during the 3rd Steering Committee of the project.

It brought together around 30 participants including six artists and developers, twelve materials and process scientists, four designers in charge of moderating, four design students and one concept artist.

By taking a breakthrough approach, the consortium has the willingness to act as a catalyst for change and for emerging concepts, which could map out possible directions for the future. It’s why they decide to converge the world of researching new materials with the eclectic world of several artists at a time when burning issues face our society.

All participants gathered in small group had a week to invent new concepts on urban living challenges. The three main themes of the workshop were energy, health, and mobility.

Over the week, each group had access to the CEA Fablab and to various materials to test and experiment with on the spot. The opportunity to familiarize with the main technologies of the project: printed piezoelectric components, organic photovoltaics, soft batteries, conductive inks, and super-capacitors. As a result of this workshop, a project will be selected for further development over one year during an artistic residency. The residency will involve artists and scientists from the workshop who will conceive the idea.  Atelier Arts Sciences will support this project in order to deploy an artistic device at the EXPERIMENTA art and science fair.

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